Write an Essay to Own This Charles Village Business

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This is a little different.
This is just like Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory, except you have to write an essay, and there’s no chance you’ll turn into a giant blueberry.

Esther “Kiki” Armstrong, the proprietor of Sankofa African & World Bazaar in Charles Village, is moving back to her native Ghana. Instead of selling her business, she’ll be awarding it to the winner of an essay contest, Baltimore Business Journal reports.

The Charles Village business owner told BBJ that she made a go of unloading her business the old-fashioned way. The price tag was $300,000. She couldn’t find a buyer. So the terms of the sale have changed drastically.

Interested parties are now required to submit an essay of five-hundred words or fewer along with a $250 application fee to get a shot at owning the business. There’s also a short quiz about Africa to complete.

The winner will not only receive their own functional business, selling African fashions, jewelry and woodcrafts; the new proprietor will also get six weeks of training and $10,000.

The contest is open until September 15. For more information, visit Sankofa’s website.





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