WTMD is Letting the World Try 30 Homebrews

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WTMD0002WTMD is the place on the radio dial where Baltimoreans might be most likely to find a band that has been toiling in their garage. This weekend, the station’s studio extends that spirit to beer.

The radio station is hosting a Homebrew Competition from 1-5 p.m. on Nov. 7, where it will turn over the Towson studio to beer aficionados hoping to pluck the next great brew from obscurity (and perhaps get a little tipsy in the process). With the event, 30 homebrewers get a chance to show off what they’ve been concocting and fermenting to an audience beyond their friends. In turn, attendees have the pleasure of trying the beer in unlimited quantity.

The winner will get a chance to have their beer produced by Brewer’s Art, and audience members get a chance to vote. This being a WTMD event, there will of course be live music courtesy The Manly Deeds.

Ticket info is here.

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