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The members of Baltimore-born indie rock duo Wye Oak have kept busy since the release of “The Louder I Call, The Faster It Runs” in 2018.

Vocalist and guitarist Jenn Wasner became a member of indie powerhouse Bon Iver, and drummer/multi-instrumentalist Andy Stack put out his own music as Joyero.

Somehow they found time to record new Wye Oak music, too. The group just released a new single, “Fortune,” a song “about change and loss and mourning the old while celebrating the new.”

Per a release from the group’s label, Merge Records, Wasner and Stack are, after seven years in different locations, living in the same city again. Their new adopted home is Durham, NC, and being back in the same place allowed them to “re-examine and rework the pre-existing confines of their long-standing musical partnership.”

Listen below:

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Wye Oak is also heading out on a short tour, JOIN, next year that promises to expand on the duo’s live repertoire. Wasner and Stack are playing with a larger backing band, allowing them to rework and reinterpret crowd favorites and dust off some older material, while also working in music from their respective solo projects, Flock of Dimes and Joyero.

The JOIN tour comes to the 2640 Space on March 1. Tickets go on sale Friday at 10 a.m., and there’s also a fan presale.

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