Yahoo! Travel
Via Yahoo! Travel

Yahoo! Travel has published an article and readers’ poll “to determine once and for all” how Baltimore and Washington, D.C., stack up against each other as travel destinations. Well, it will be nice to finally have that settled!

Of course, the article’s click-intensive premise is a little silly, but it did give me a couple ideas of what to do the next time I’m in D.C., and it’s always interesting to see your own city summed up in one these things.

I’m not sure whether I’d agree without reservation that “traffic in the city’s core is almost never too tough to take.” But maybe I’m spoiled. Certainly, it’s nothing compared to D.C.’s pentagram-shaped traffic hellscape.

The author calls Station North bar Club Charles “[t]he antidote to D.C.’s glossy, soulless nightlife scene,” but one’s chances of seeing John Waters there on any given night are more than a little exaggerated. Crab cakes, Hons, and the Avenue in Hampden get an obligatory nod. But the author also touts our city-funded street art. (Though I doubt that very many visitors will be venturing from their Inner Harbor hotel rooms to East Baltimore to see Steve Powers’s “Forever Together” mural.)

What do you think, did Yahoo! Travel accurately portray the city’s tourist appeal?