Yeardley Love’s Mom Teams Up with JHU Expert on Domestic Violence App

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In her interview with Katie Couric last week, Sharon Love said that she had “no idea” that her daughter Yeardley’s relationship with boyfriend George Huguely was violent. Two years after her daughter’s death, Love and her daughter Lexie have teamed up with a Johns Hopkins expert on intimate partner violence to create a smartphone app to help determine whether a relationship is potentially abusive.

Jacquelyn Campbell is both a nurse and a domestic violence expert at Johns Hopkins; she points out that many parents and friends of people in troubled relationships assume that young women aren’t getting into anything they can’t handle. The One Love Danger Assessment app, which is designed primarily for women aged 16 to 26, asks questions about a partner’s drinking and physical aggression. There are also different versions for friends and family members who are concerned about a loved one’s relationship.

“Our normal tendency is to minimize the bad things that are happening to us so we can go on day to day,” Campbell says. “You don’t want to dwell on the idea that you’re living with a dangerous person, even if the thought has crossed your mind.”

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