We read your comments! Some of the best below…

Marion Winik’s “The Boomer and the Boomeranger” was uniformly well-received.  Both in comments and privately everyone told us they loved this great tale of a child coming home after college.

Said one: “Thank you, thank you, thank you.  Real people, real life, real emotions.”

That sums up our thoughts exactly. You’ll be happy to learn that Marion Winik will begin writing a column for us soon. Stay tuned.

Getting In, our column about the college admissions process received this comment about the post “It’s Not All About Resume Building”:

This is a wonderful story.  I think that there is a certain segment of Baltimore parents who buy into the Ivy  League or Walmart syndrome (that is, if my child does not get into an Ivy League school, they will invariably end up working at Walmart), that colors the way we raise our children to be endlessly scheduled with little or no free time to relax.  Yet, it is in those times of relaxation that they can connect with their inner selves, and cultivate their distinct personalities (that is, if they are not sitting on Facebook whilst doing so), and discover their true passions.  

And this, from a reader baffled by the concept of the co-ed sleepover, a subject whose post continues to draw interest as we enter into high-prom-season:

My first thought when reading this was: I cannot believe there is such a thing as a co-ed sleepover! I am certainly not naive, or over the age of seventy and I am astounded! I am completely in the camp of your husband that the co-ed sleepover is the opening up a huge door of opportunity that is not necessary to be opened.  

I am having trouble understanding how a pre-prom party, the prom itself, a post-prom party and a post-post prom party is not enough time to hang out with friends. I also do not think you have deprived your daughter of any experiences (quite the opposite) that would cause her to rebel or overindulge in the snack drawer. You can trust your child, respect your child and fully believe they would make wise decisions and still say no situations or environments that implicitly condone (or at least facilitate) certain behaviors.  As far as the argument regarding safety,  I find it hard to believe there wouldn’t be parents willing to pick their kids and friends up from various spots. You have to sleep at night (especially the night of the prom) with what you allowed for you daughter. For some people, that night’s sleep would be just fine (or fine enough) while their kids were at the co-ed sleepover. For you, knowing that it was an unpopular decision was easier to sleep on than allowing her to attend.  Popular or not. 

Our Marco Polo asking “Who is Your Best Baltimore Celebrity Sighting?” got the below response:

Clint Eastwood at Mt. Washington Tavern, Julia Roberts in Whole Foods (in) Mt. Washington, Renee Zelwegger and Nicole Kidman at The Maryland Athletic Club!

We couldn’t help but think, “Are you sure that was Clint Eastwood and not someone’s dad?”

Happy Memorial Day. If you have a chance, view the PostSecret video in honor of Memorial Day on the home page.