Your Guide to [email protected] 2018

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Photo Credit: Baltimore Office of Promotion & The Arts

Celebrating its third year in 2018, [email protected] is one of the largest and most unique social innovation convenings in the U.S.

Each day emerging voices and established thinkers explore the innovations and practices that build stronger, more equitable cities. Each Lab explores the future of society and every attendee will have the opportunity to learn, network and be heard.

Introduced this year is the “Pay What You Can” ticketing. Attendees must register but can choose to pay what they can to participate in the Labs, including attending at no-cost. The event takes place at the IMET Columbus Center, 701 E. Pratt Street, Baltimore, MD. Seating is limited so make sure to register and “pay what you can”!


Advances in technology have made it more important than ever to explore the central role that education plays in our community. Join future-focused education innovators, and rethink learning at the [email protected] on Wednesday, April 18, 8am-12pm.

Presenters include Imani Victoria Bryan, Shawn Burnett, DevRock, Thomas Dolby, Shawn Dove, Jess Gartner, Matthew Kincaid, Dr. Christine Mallinson, DeJuan Patterson, Rhonda Richetta, Dr. Kim Schatzel, Atman and Ali Smith, Jimmie Thomas, Marion Winik and more.

social lab at light city

Connect with the entrepreneurs, activists, and movement builders working to create a more equitable and responsible society at [email protected] on Wednesday, April 18, 1-5pm.

Presenters include Saida Agostini, Rahne Alexander, Errikca Bridgeford, Veronica Cool, Asha Curran, Commissioner Darryl De Sousa, Jonathan Jayes-Green, Rasta Huti, Joe Jones, DeRay McKesson, Vernā Myers, Byron Pitts, Dr. Wendy Osefo, Lester Spence and more.


green lab at light city

How we think about climate change, greening our cities, and the innovations that provide a more sustainable path to the future are rapidly evolving. Connect with the entrepreneurs, activists and movement builders working toward positive change at [email protected] on Thursday, April 19, 8am-12pm.

Presenters include Jeremy Yoni Bedine, Calvin G. Butler Jr., Helen Glazer, Dr. Michael Gonsior, Kris Hoellen, Mike Heslin, Walker Marsh, Dominic Nell, Peggy Shepard, Reverend Lennox Yearwood, Jr. and more.

health lab at light city

Health innovators and on-the-ground practitioners explore the quality of life and wellness affecting the people of Baltimore and beyond. Join the entrepreneurs, activists, and movement builders working toward positive change at HealthLab on Thursday, April 19, 1-5pm.

Presenters include Mateo Blu, Peter Bruun, Damion Cooper, Jennifer Facteau, Nancy Lublin, Lynn Mumma, Michelle Antoinette Nelson, Scott Nolen, Kevin Shird, Dr. Leana Wen and more.


ArtLab at Light City

Explore emerging creative practices affecting our world and creating change: Convene with inventors, designers, artists, entrepreneurs, storytellers and thinkers on Friday, April 20, 8am-12pm.

Presenters include Samuel Hoi, Julia Marciari-Alexander, Aaron Maybin, Yoruba Richen, Joyce Scott, Sonja Sohn, Adam Stab, Mohamed Tall and more.

MakerLab at Lightcity

The maker movement is reimagining the world, and discovering your talent to MAKE can change lives. Join the creators, inventors and innovators of [email protected] on Friday, April 20, 1-5pm.

Presenters include Jason Bass, Shanti Das, Sree Sreenivasan, Foad Hamidi, Freeman Hrabowski, Kimbra, Aaron Jones, Chris Sleat and more.


FoodLab at Lightcity

Are the attitudes toward what we eat changing the world around us? Food advocates and chefs explore how food is grown, accessed, eaten and innovated during [email protected] on Saturday, April 21, 10am-4pm, immediately followed by a Baltimore Marketplace by Cureate.

Presenters include Alison Price Becker, Chyno “Boy with the Blue Beard,” B. Cole, Erin Moran, Devin Johns, Chef Therese Nelson, Aisha Pew, Allison Robicelli, Chef Art Smith, Chef David Thomas and more.

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