So You’re Going to Build a House? How About Here?

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The foundation of every great home is in place long before the cement is poured. The right lot is the most essential step to the homebuilding process. After all, it’s where it all begins.

A good philosophy is to organize your priorities. Think about what you absolutely require in a property and what aspects may be open to variation and flexibility. Different lots will likely have their own pros and cons, so be willing to practice some pragmatism and creativity.

The more thorough you are in your search and the more thoughtful you are in your approach, the more successful your homebuilding venture will be from the very outset.

What should you consider when looking at an undeveloped lot?

1.) Check out the neighborhood
If you want your future house to fetch a high resale value, be aware of where that house will be situated. Look at the houses around it. Context is very important.

If you are looking for a building site that is convenient AND private, look no further than this wonderful Summer Hill neighborhood in Phoenix. Recent nearby home sales were in the mid $500K, and newer homes in the neighborhood are listed upwards of $750K.

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