$16,000 in Fines for Tube and Raft Rental Service at Gunpowder River

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All other things equal, it’s fun to read an article that includes the phrase “controversial inner tubing and rafting service,” but in the Sun’s coverage of Gary Kloch’s embattled Tube N Taxi Service, the fun stops there.At Gunpowder River, tensions are high between residents and tubers, rafters, and kayakers. At times really high. In June, Michael Hamilton, of Monkton, actually fired a gun at “several kayakers.”

And it seems that Gary Kloch can’t help but bear the brunt of that tension. His Tube N Taxi Service, which rents out tubes and rafts to customers (but not kayaks, by the way) and shuttles them to and from the river, has been hit with over $16,000 in citations. And some of the alleged violations might strike one (okay, me) as a little disingenuous. Among them: unlawfully operating a “bus terminal” and “trucking facility,” and running a type of business his location is not zoned for.

Those hardly seem like the real issue. I mean, isn’t the whole thing that these rafters are supposedly drinking alcohol, being noisy, and peeing in the river? A more sincere citation might have been “excessive peskiness of customers.”

Of course it’s probably a lot simpler to imagine the situation as one man running an illicit business rather than to actually try to suss out who gets to use the Gunpowder and what for.

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