2 Health Nuts Offer Advice on Avoiding Nutritional WAISTlands While Traveling

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Over the next few months, the “2 Health Nuts” will be doing some traveling for business…by plane, train, and automobile. We get this question a lot, and one that we are constantly finding solutions to as well – “How can I eat healthy, and inexpensively, when traveling?”

Let’s be honest, most airlines and train stations are what we call “nutritional WAISTlands.” Sure, some of them are hopping on the fat-loss friendly bandwagon, offering a plethora of real-food options, but most are still living in the “fast-food, processed past.”

While the last thing you may want to do is pack an additional bag, bringing your own food when traveling will not only better your health but will also save you some extra moolah to spend when you get to your destination (hello California in March)!

Here are a few ideas to implement on your next travel adventure…p.s. we would love to see pics of what you pack. Post your pics with the hashtag#travelwiththehealthnuts!

1. Bring an empty water bottle or thermos you can fill up with water once you pass through security. It is so important to stay hydrated when traveling, especially by plane.

2. Pack fresh (and washed) fruit and sliced veggies; place in a glass container or, if you want to have less to handle, in a Ziploc bag.

3. Homemade hummus and individual packets of organic, all natural almond butter (homemade is awesome too) are great accouterments.

4. JimmyBar All Natural Energy Bars are awesome!

5. For those who do not mind a protein shake or protein bar, take a scoop or two of your favorite protein powder (check the ingredients; only thing listed should be the actual protein, no added junk) with shaker and/or protein bar (Quest brand is great).

6. Raw, unsalted, unroasted almonds and cashews are wonderful to have on hand.

7. If packing a cooler, and do not mind the extra Tupperware, you can always bring a serving of dinner leftovers or even a prepared meal just for traveling. “Sky’s the limit” if going this “route!”


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