200 Baltimoreans Have Been Unwittingly Buying Stuff in Texas

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I don’t know about you, but I like Texas. I like the weather. I like the music. I like how intense the people are about their chili recipes. Still, I don’t think I would like paying for things in Texas that I didn’t actually buy. Unfortunately, that’s what’s been happening to more than 200 Baltimoreans, after hackers swiped the debit and credit card information of many area residents.

One such victim, Renee Gorsuch, told the Lancaster Eagle-Gazette that the bogus purchases tend to grow over time. “The charges start out low — $15, $20, $22 — and then they go and hit them for $400 or $500,” she said.

The fraudulent activity began sometime in late May, but Baltimore police are still working to find out who’s behind it.

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