2015 Baltimore Ravens Predictions: Local Media Personalities Weigh In

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Photo by Sabrina Moran/PressBox
Photo by Sabrina Moran/PressBox

Pressbox – How many games will the Baltimore Ravens win in 2015? Will they make the postseason? And who will be the team’s breakout star?

PressBox asked its football writers and a few local media personalities to weigh in and share their thoughts. Here are their picks for the Ravens and the Super Bowl.


I think the Ravens should win 11 games this season. I think they have as good of a chance as any of a handful of teams in the AFC to make the Super Bowl. So, what the heck? Let’s say they make it to the big game and get bested by the Seattle Seahawks. For me, the breakout player of the year will be safety Terrence Brooks. I also think defensive tackle Carl Davis will develop at a fast rate.


I’m picking the Ravens to win 10 games this season. Will they make the postseason? Yes, by the skin of their teeth as always, and they’ll somehow figure out a way to win a game. They’ll lose to Indianapolis in the divisional round because that’s what they do. I’m not sure if cornerback Jimmy Smith can still count as a “breakout” star, but he’ll finally make a Pro Bowl this year.

Who will win this year’s Super Bowl? I always say the Packers, because they have the best quarterback. So the Packers. Because they have the best quarterback.


I think the Ravens will win 10 games this season. They will make the postseason, and I think the AFC Divisional Round or better. Tight end Crockett Gillmore will be the Ravens’ breakout star. Who will win this year’s Super Bowl? The Seattle Seahawks.

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