25th Street Station in Remington Now a ‘Blank Slate’

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25th Street Station
With Walmart no longer a possibility, developer is “open to suggestions.”

In May, controversial plans to develop an 11-acre site in Remington as a Walmart-anchored shopping plaza were abandoned by the developer. Seawall Development Co. took over the project from WV Urban Developments.

But even as Seawall says they’re still open to building a Walmart at the location, Baltimore Business Journal points out that it’s not really feasible. Seawall has opted not to buy a few properties along 24th Street that were part of the Walmart-centric development plan, making it harder to accommodate a big-box store.

Seawall co-founder Thibault Manekin called the 25th Street Station site a “blank slate,” and said that decisions on its development will follow a “period of outreach with nearby residents.” So get thinking, Remingtonians! What will go with an automotive shop, a cafe, a gluten-free bakery, the Ottobar, and Parts & Labor?


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