A 45-Acre Farm Where the Buffalo Roamed, With Farmhouse, Barn, Helipad and More

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Hot House: Valley Brook Farm, 2040 Old Valley Road, Stevenson, MD 21153


Contemporary style brick home, circa 1967. Three bedrooms, 5 full bathrooms over 3 levels and 3,627 square feet, with swimming pool, tennis court, koi pond with waterfall and footbridge on 3.1 acres. Additional 42 acres containing fields, renovated 19th century stone barn, farmhouse-style mansion, agricultural buildings, stables, FAA registered helipad, outbuildings: $4,500,000


What: A strange brew. There’s a nice, mid-century house (with koi pond!) that could be in any Pikesville development. A beautiful stone barn, accessed from an unmarked driveway on Greenspring Valley Road, which has been recently renovated as a fancy garage-cum-party space, and once housed seven Dodge Vipers.  In a far pasture looms a dilapidated but lovely Victorian farmhouse mansion that must have been the original estate house. In the middle of it all is an aging trailer home and a utilitarian cement stable block designed for animals.




You can buy the entire parcel for $4,500,000 or negotiate a price for any of them separately. But keep reading.

The owners, Gerald (Buzz) and Elayne Berg, lived quietly here for 40 years, running a farm and keeping some exotic animals. Except for the year 2005, when their herd of nine bison broke free and ran two miles to the Green Tree tennis court where the police finally rounded them up. This resulted in a great photo, published around the world,  with a claim (not verified) to being the most emailed picture of the year.

Where: Driving west from Green Spring Station along Greenspring Valley Road, Old Valley Road is about a mile out, on the left. The property is just at the corner of Greenspring Valley Road. Good access to I-83, I-695 and about three miles west to Reisterstown Road.

Why: Because you are a developer, and it is zoned RC2. You could get four McMansions in here.

Why Not: Because you love open countryside and would consider buying the whole thing just to keep it out of developers hands while you figure our what to do with it.

Would Suit: American Buffalo

NB: Mr. Berg was so upset at the time of the bison rampage that he was quoted in the Baltimore Sun as saying “The way I feel right now … they’re going to the slaughterhouse.”


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