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Getting dressed is always about making choices – and those choices let you make a statement with how you look.
Here are five reasons why you should always make the choice to wear a tie!

Wearing a Tie Shows That You Care

A lot of men these days have stopped wearing ties, and even the business and corporate worlds are seeing a lot more empty collars. World leaders have raised even raised eyebrows by forgoing the traditional suit and tie for a more casual, unbuttoned look at international conferences and meetings.

In our opinion, that’s all the more reason you should be wearing a tie!

By choosing to wear a tie or bow tie in a setting where it would have been acceptable not to wear one, you’re showing the world that how you look matters to you – and that you’re not interested in “acceptable,” but in “exceptional”.


Wearing a Tie Commands Respect

A tie does a lot more than just decorate your neck and shirt: when people see you wearing a colorful, handmade silk tie, they’ll take notice of the fact that you went the extra mile, and will treat you accordingly.

You may have heard it said that you should “dress for the job you want”, and of course your boss won’t be able to help but notice that you’re dressing nicely eve if your job doesn’t necessarily require it. Respect in your professional life can affect the way you see yourself, and when you’re tying and straightening your tie as you get ready for work – or a date! – you may be surprised at the amount of poise just seeing yourself in a tie can lend to your overall demeanor.  Click to continue reading post.


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2 replies on “5 Reasons You Should Always Wear a Tie”

  1. No one wears ties anymore. My son just became a partner in a high end real estate company. I went to the grand opening at the Ritz…no ties!

  2. An open neck shirt looks “unfinished” except for more casual events. The worst trend now is to go lower with 2 buttons open- awful! Vice president Biden did that on his recent tv interview- so unprofessional. Aside from that…and for anyone with a hairy chest it looks even worse.

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