5 Things To Love About Rodgers Forge

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My husband and I raised our two children in a five-bedroom end of group on Murdock Road. When my youngest was starting high school at Towson, we purchased a single family home near the school…kind of on a whim. It was definitely a project, be we welcomed the opportunity to recreate the house to our specifications.

Once the kids were both off to college, we started looking for something smaller. No need for three extra bedrooms and a huge yard. Even though our son was only home for summers between semesters, he was pretty adamant, “Move back to Rodgers Forge! I love it there.” We did, and that pretty much describes how we feel about the neighborhood.


Our next-door neighbors have been living in their home for many years, and their daughter lives right across the alley from them. It is not unusual for children who grew up in Rodgers Forge to return there to raise their own families. My 26-year-old daughter loves to come home and stroll the streets where she grew up and still says it’s the prettiest neighborhood she knows.

Here are 5 things we love best about the neighborhood:

1. Rodgers Forge Elementary and Dumbarton Middle School are located within the boundaries of the neighborhood. Click to read more of this post.

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