66 Dogs Project Features Two Baltimore Humane Society Dogs

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Two dogs at Baltimore Humane Society, Kana, a seven year old Canaan mix, and Sophia, a two-year old Pharoah Hound Mix, are both part of the 66 Dogs Project, a national art campaign to encourage homeless dog adoption into permanent, loving homes.  Jenny Williams, a Colorado-based artist started the 66 Dogs Project, which consists of portraits of 66 dogs up for adoption that may be overlooked.

Williams paints a watercolor portrait of each dog in the project using a photograph as a reference.  She then includes little facts and traits about the dog.  As a final thank you to future pet parents, she offers the original watercolor of the dog to the adoptive family for free.  She explains, Every ten seconds, another potentially adoptable pet is killed. The 66 Dogs Project is my way of trying to help before it’s too late.”

Sophia and Kana are two favorites of the Baltimore Humane Society’s no-kill shelter staff.  The shelter staff would love to see these two very bright, affectionate girls find good homes.  Unfortunately, there is sometimes no good reason why some of the animals sit for long periods of time while others get adopted quickly.

“Both these dogs would make wonderful pets, “Wendy Goldband, Director of Marketing & Public Relations says.  “Potential adopters need to come and spend some one on one time with them and really get to know each’s wonderful personality.  We have all kinds of open space where potential adopters can come and visit.  It’s the best way to see any dog’s true colors – maybe this is a dog who likes belly rubs or who will follow you around like a shadow.  Maybe it’s a dog who loves to play catch.  These are traits you can’t see when walking by their cages in the kennel.”

The 66 Dogs Project purpose is to help with the big decision of adoption by trying to give potential adopters a sense of each dog’s personality.  Baltimore Humane Society’s public visiting hours when you can meet Sophia and Kana areTuesday through Sunday, noon to 6pm.

(copied from Press Release)

About The Baltimore Humane Society:

The Baltimore Humane Society, founded in 1927 by Mrs. Elsie Seeger Barton, is an independent, non-profit, no-kill animal shelter, which offers low-cost veterinary care to the public, and a pet cemetery with grief support services. We receive no operational funding from the local or federal governments, or any national animal welfare organizations. For more information about BHS, and how you can contribute, volunteer, adopt, or foster, please visit www.bmorehumane.org.

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