Last week, we presented you with eight reasons the Ravens would beat the Patriots in the AFC Championship game. Not to brag, but, well, we totally called that one. We’re feeling pretty confident about this upcoming Super Bowl game, too — and here’s why:


1) This map looks familiar. Good thing we’re good at being the underdogs.

2) One Harbaugh brother is “a sensitive, caring individual.” The other is a grown man who still throws tantrums:

3) Frank Gore, 49ers running back, just got fined $10,500 for not being able to keep his socks up. (I know that sounds like a euphemism, but I promise it isn’t.) Whereas Ray Rice’s socks never sag.

4) Statistics say it’s shall be so. According to RiseSmart’s algorithm-that-we-don’t-quite-understand, the city with the lower unemployment rate has won the Super Bowl in 20 out of the last 25 contests. Ergo, a Ravens victory. Indisputable!


5) “Kaepernicking” is a valiant attempt, but the Ravens kind of have the whole meme thing covered already, thank you very much.

6) We mentioned this yesterday, but it bears repeating. The Ravens sendoff party drew “thousands” to the Inner Harbor, despite nasty weather. The 49ers encouraged, uh, “dozens” of fans to turn out… Ouch.


7) Ray Lewis and 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh have met before