When considering the impact of the September 11 attacks many of us first think of New York, then of DC, and from there we might leap to the abstract idea of “America.” But 68 Marylanders lost their lives that day between the attacks at the World Trade Center, the Pentagon, and the crash of Flight 93. A two part 9/11 memorial installed yesterday afternoon at Baltimore’s World Trade Center will ensure that Maryland’s loss is not forgotten.

The memorial incorporates recovered steel from the World Trade Center, limestone from the Pentagon’s west wall, and stone from the Flight 93 National Memorial. Names of Marylanders lost that day are inscribed in the monument.

Part of the memorial sits outside the World Trade Center at 401 East Pratt Street. The second part is installed at the building’s “top of the world” observation level on the twenty-seventh floor. Admission to that portion is $5.