Erin’s pretty, casual style stands out among the sea of downtown urbanites and shoppers in Harbor East, where she works as the manager of South Moon Under. But it was her tan that we noticed first. It’s her best accessory!

Erin Alessi, 29 

Are you always this tan?  

Just in the summer.  I’m still holding on to my summer tan.

How would you say you dress? Like all the professional women who work around here?

No. I go from edgy to rocker bohemian!

So you dress this way to scare off all the suits?

No, just the opposite. We offer the young downtown professional woman a wardrobe that is casual-but-chic and a little funky. We sell her her weekend look, her I’m-not-too-serious look, her my-boyfriend-loves-me or her little sexy look!

And your boyfriend. Does he like how you dress?

Oh, he doesn’t care what I wear. 

Spoken like a true fashionista.