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Meowr. I’m Stan Lee, the bookstore cat at Carpe Librum Bookstore and Art Gallery. I have the most cat-tastic gift guide for every bookworm on your list. You can buy these books on the bookstore website. Today only, you can buy these and other new books for 25% off if you use promo code Cyber at checkout on the bookstore website. We also have free delivery for people who live in Baltimore City and County.

Continental Breakfast, by Danny Caine: I fell in love with the poetry in Continental Breakfast because the author is a confirmed cat person. This book was so good it made me purr. Also, I’m such a special cat that I deserve to have poetry written about me. The book questions how celebrity as a filter through which humans see the world. It’s purr-fect for the poetry lover.

Ashley Sugarnotch and the Wolf by Elizabeth Deanna Morris Lakes: This is another poetry collection that was excellent. This book uses syllabic and prose poetry to explore what happens when people find themselves in a cycle of violence and how myths, retold over centuries, repeat these cycles. It was so good I had to sit on it when it first arrived at the bookstore. I recommend it for the feminist poetry lover in your life, or for people interested in myths.

Forgetting English by Midge Raymond: I liked this book because it’s a collection of short stories that explores the indelible imprint of home on humans and new frontiers confirm who they are. Short story collections are purr-fect for reading in between naps. Also, it’s so good it made me purr, and the author is a confirmed cat lady. 

The Crows of Beara by Julie Christine Johnson: Mom and I both liked this book. When she was trying to read it a couple of years ago, I laid on her copy a lot and absorbed the text by osmosis. It’s about a woman who travels to Ireland in an attempt to save her career. When she travels to a small Irish village to promote a copper mine, her public relations career is hanging in the balance. She’s trying to overcome her troubled past and dealing with a failing marriage, so she wants a chance to rebuild her life. However, upon arriving in the village, she’s met with opposition from some local residents. They’re very protective of their wild, beautiful home and the animals that live there, including an endangered bird, on whose nesting grounds the mine would encroach. Mom loved the setting. I loved that it was by a confirmed cat lady.

The Quelling by Barbara Barrow: I fell in love with these characters. They are clever, beautiful, and hopelessly violent. I swear they are cats at heart. This gritty, bittersweet novel explores the fragility of familial bonds, and the tensions between freedom and safety, something a lot of us cats struggle with in today’s troubled times.

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