A Conversation with Miss Shirley’s Owner Eddie Dopkin, Part 1

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Courtesy citybizlist – Eddie Dopkin has been an entrepreneur involved in the restaurant and catering business nearly his entire life.  His ventures and partnerships include The Classic Catering People, Loco Hombre, S’ghetti Eddie’s, Roland Park Bagel Company, Miss Shirley’s and others.  We caught up with Eddie recently over lunch at Miss Shirley’s on Cold Spring Lane to discuss, among other things, his successful business career, why he banned smoking at a restaurant before it became law to do so, and to hear his thoughts about the passing of his good friend, Art Modell.

Q. You recently celebrated a milestone birthday.  Tell me about that.

A. I only recognize my birthday once every 10 years but, yes, I recently turned 60. We had a nice get-together at my house that was attended by approximately 150 people.  It was a fun time and, of course, held outside because that is where I always want to be.

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