Paul Meecham.  Photo courtesy
Paul Meecham. Photo courtesy

Courtesy Citybizlist – Since 2006, Paul Meecham has brought innovation, an entrepreneurial spirit and fiscal responsibility to the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra (BSO). We recently visited him at The Meyerhoff to discuss everything from the trials and tribulations of running a world-class orchestra, to his unique perspective on the local arts scene.Click here to read Part I

Q. At the BSO, what challenges do you face on a day-to-day basis?
 Always financial – economic and long-term sustainability – and relevance. Staying relevant, not just to today’s audience, but also to draw tomorrow’s audience. What do we need to be doing differently to reach the people who are currently in their 30s and 40s who are not coming? Relevance, in a very competitive environment, is very much a challenge.

Q. How do you navigate through these challenges – what have you learned to do differently over the years?
One thing you don’t do is do the same thing twice if it didn’t work the first time. We’ve tried to be innovative here and think differently about what business challenges we have. I think listening to people and really cultivating a culture in which you can share what’s going well along with the challenges often encourages people to want to help financially and with ideas.

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