To hear Equality Maryland’s board tell it, the LGBT advocacy organization was so successful that they advocated themselves out of a job.

Earlier this week, the ink was still drying on the U.S. Supreme Court’s landmark decision on same sex marriage. Amid the celebration, the organization’s board released a lengthy statement saying it could shut down.

The board said the organization has struggled with fundraising following wins at the state level on same sex marriage in 2012 and transgender inclusiveness. Executive Director Carrie Evans ended her tenure with the organization on June 5. Now, the board faces a crossroads where they must decide whether to continue in a reduced capacity, or shut down altogether.

“Unless and until we secure adequate revenue to sustain the organization, the important services, oversight and advocacy it has consistently provided to the Maryland LGBT community will cease to be,” the statement said.

The decision is expected in the coming weeks.

Stephen Babcock

Stephen Babcock is the editor of Technical.ly Baltimore and an editor-at-large of Baltimore Fishbowl.