A Monumental Affair: Washington Monument Holiday Lighting

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Image Courtesy of: pintsizepub.com

Little things have happened around Baltimore to signify that the Holidays are here.  The Mayor’s Parade occurred this past Sunday in Medfield and Hampden, the lights are up on 34th, and the nightly light show in the harbor has been in full swing since mid-November.  This Thursday, the Monument in Mount Vernon will be lit up for the holidays and we can all embrace the season – lights, decorations, cheery music and all.

If you find yourself in Mount Vernon around 5:30p on Thursday – stick around.  There will be local choirs and renowned food vendors until the lighting, laser show and fireworks at 7:00p.  First Thursdays at the Monument may just be for the summer months, but this is a first Thursday you can enjoy in a down jacket with some hot cocoa and a Santa hat.

The Washington Monument on Charles Street in Mount Vernon

Thursday, December 6th

To partake in a Baltimore Holiday Tradition that fully kicks off the season.  Fireworks!  Lights!  Carols!  Hot cocoa!


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