Recently Principal Rebecca Malone was asked to work up an article about the school year at St. Francis of Assisi School.  ‘Piece of cake’ thought the staff.  It is typically a tally of new additions, old loves, and a real sense of collaboration on our new programs such as the International Baccalaureate and the 1:1 ipad initiative in Middle School.  And not just collaboration in the school, but with our community members, too.  So we sat down to begin work on this newsletter with a very specific focus: all highlights of the school year.  We began by looking over photos that would best illustrate these highlights.  Photos of Stem Club, the Race for Education, the MLK prayer service, our new ipads…so many wonderful photos, and so many wonderful moments.  We had a great afternoon over coffee perusing them and saying “Oh! This one” and “We have to have that one!” and, “Oh! This one, too!”  But as we collected and marked them for inclusion we realized that the true highlight of the school year is our students.  Fresh, inquisitive, eager.  Thoughtful and reflective.  Passionate, hardworking and curious about the world… And looking at their shining faces we fall in love all over again.  As we start a new year each one of these students adds to our school life and experience.  This year, as with all school years, will include both innovation and continuity.

And so we proudly present the greatest SFA Highlight of this new school year: our children.


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