A New Plot Twist in Baltimore County McDonald’s Mega Millions Scare

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Former Mega Millions hopeful Mirlande Wilson

Remember the fun we had wondering about the Maryland winner of the Mega Millions back in April? McDonald’s employee Mirlande Wilson came forward saying she had the winning ticket (worth something like $100 million). Her co-workers claimed they bought the ticket in a pool. Wilson said that it was an extra ticket she bought for herself outside of the pool, and that she definitely had the winning ticket, but, then again, maybe not — some of the numbers looked familiar.

That brief, vicarious emotional thrill ride ended when the Maryland Lottery declared the winning Maryland ticket was bought by two teachers and a school administrator who wished to remain anonymous.

But it’s not over. Fourteen of Wilson’s co-workers have filed a civil lawsuit against her, in which they assert that she did have the winning ticket and the public school educators who claimed the prize were defrauding the Maryland Lottery on Wilson’s behalf to avoid her having to share the winnings with the rest of them. They even have a man who says he was Wilson’s boyfriend at the time attesting to the whole scheme.

The Lottery’s reaction? According to the Baltimore Sun, spokeswoman Carole Everett “laughed out loud” at the idea of the lawsuit, saying the lottery’s verification process was too thorough to be defrauded.

But what’s up with the guy saying she told him about the whole thing? I mean, what’s the point in lying about that? You can’t win money from her if she doesn’t have any.

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