A New Year & New Head of School at KSDS

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Moshe Schwartz

Across the Baltimore area, as the leaves turn from green to gold and summer fades to fall, it’s the time of new academic beginnings.

This is especially true at Krieger Schechter Day School, a coeducational, independent Jewish day school, educating children from kindergarten through eighth grade. Founded in 1980 and employing an egalitarian approach to teaching, KSDS has recently undergone some exciting new developments.

This past summer, after an intense and thorough search, the board of KSDS welcomed Rabbi Moshe Schwartz as the new Head of School.

Rabbi Schwartz, who officially started on July 1st, brings a wealth of experience to KSDS. In his previous position, as Head of School at New Jersey’s Kellman Brown Academy, he had a strong track record in terms of promoting academic success and recruitment; he was known as an innovative and creative leader. He is a regional and national advocate for the Jewish Day School movement and, as a former member of the Board of the New Jersey Association of Independent Schools, is a respected leader in the world of independent schools. As both a rabbi and educator, he is deeply committed to the academic growth and spiritual enrichment of students.

His involvement in the school is personal, as well; Rabbi Schwartz’s three children are in kindergarten, second and fourth grades at KSDS. “The school has a position of academic excellence and I wanted that not only as leader of the school, but also for my three children. Looking at it as a parent, I wanted to send my children to a great school,” he says. “I want to see my children thrive in a strong and established Jewish community.”

In addition to his administrative duties, Rabbi Schwartz is teaching a class this year and he emphasizes that in his role as a rabbi, he is also available to families in need of support. He sees his role as broad – he is one part educator, one part spiritual advisor and supporter, one part budget balancer and administrative taskmaster, and even one part comedian. “Kids can see me being silly in a video,” he says. “But I also teach a weekly class to our eighth grade, and I can be there for a family in need at 4:30 in the morning.”

Since the school year started, the Schwartz family has already seen, firsthand, the strength of the KSDS community. “A few Friday nights ago, we did a community dinner for Shabbat. Four hundred people were there,” he says. “We’re bringing together the school and community. People recognize this is a tremendous moment for KSDS.”

And that’s just the beginning. “There are some significant academic enrichment programs we’ll be rolling out in the coming year,” he promises. “Besides all the wonderful people at KSDS, there are some incredible things to look forward to on the horizon. We will make this a fantastic year overall.”

For more information about KSDS, please visit www.ksds.edu.





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