A Peahen is Loose on the Streets of Annapolis

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For once, Annapolis is a little more colorful than Baltimore. A bull famously broke loose in Baltimore last year. Currently, a peahen is on the loose in the Maryland capital.

According to the Capital Gazette, the unnamed peafowl escaped from Hidden View Farm about a month ago. This week, the bird finally surfaced on the streets of Annapolis.

Despite the rare sightings, Hidden View Farm owner Richard Bradshaw says the peahen continues to evade capture. You’d think it would be obvious given all the feathers, but it’s a female and peahens don’t spread their plume like males. And, making matters worse, Bradshaw said people keeping feeding her.

Usually found wandering the grounds of the farm, Bradshaw said the streets are no place for a peahen.

UPDATE:  The post was corrected to reflect the female term for peafowl, a peahen.

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