A Response to New York Times’ “Fragile” Baltimore Article

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A New York Times article which called Baltimore “fragile and on edge” drew a rebuttal from the leader of a local non-profit.

A week ago, the New York Times ran a front-page article on the state of Baltimore six months after the unrest that followed the fatal injury of Freddie Gray in police custody. The in-depth piece presented a picture of Baltimore as a city with a complicated web of problems and a citizenry demanding change.

Karen Stokes, CEO of Strong City Baltimore, found that representation, particularly the phrase “fragile and on edge,” to be “simplistic and incomplete.”

In her letter to the editor, appearing in today’s issue, Stokes ceded that change “can be painfully slow.” “There are no quick fixes for Baltimore’s challenges,”she wrote, “but the situation is far from hopeless.”

“’Fragile and on edge’?” she wrote. “To the contrary, Baltimore is a strong city of 280 unique neighborhoods, a tough city determined to overcome its challenges. The spike in homicides this year, after a long period of improvement, is tragic, but it does not define us. Baltimoreans are proud of our rich history, diverse communities, dynamic cultural scene and, above all, our creative and resilient people. This is the Baltimore that we see every day.”





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