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Clean. Pristine. Stark. The minimalist, modern living space, above, is just that. But how to make it inviting? How to personalize it? How to make it your living space? The answer is simple: The right piece of art.

Art and design experts from Renaissance Fine Arts offer two different viewpoints on the artwork they would recommend to make the rooms below come alive…

Which would you choose?

A Minimalist, Modern Living Room

 “I chose Martin Quen’s “Juxtapose II” for this very clean, contemporary living room,” says Cory. “Quen’s choice of color and composition add some edge and interest to an otherwise simple space, creating the perfect focal point to highlight the o highlight the room.”
“‘Tell Me’ by Ray Hare feels so good in this room because it commands attention but is at the same time, dreamy, warm and comfortable,” says Marcie.  “The expressiveness in the horse’s stance brings his presence into the room. The large scale of the painting is perfect for the space. Positioning it over the fireplace accentuates the feeling of nature and beauty.”

Adding Greatness to a Great Room

The architecturally intriguing great room, above, has simple, clean lines, a neutral palette, and a captivating collection of objects, but the stark white wall above the fireplace calls for a striking piece of artwork.

“Rivera’s “La Femenina II” is a dramatic choice for this pure, understated space,” says Ashley. “The painting becomes a vibrant focal point with earthy hues and organic shapes. It ties the room together and punctuates it with personality.”
  “The dynamic space above the fireplace is a commanding presence in this contemporary great room. It needs a piece that can support the absolute “Wow” factor of the space,” says Jessica. “‘Chi Chi’ by Ngurah is strong yet feminine. The red dress gives the room fire and pop, her graceful mystique keeps the room romantic and soft.”

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