We’ve all figured out by now that the internet has ruined our attention spans. Good thing there’s still some culture out there that comes in bite-sized pieces — like this week/weekend’s third annual Ten Minute Play Festival, produced by local theatre company the UnSaddest Factory.

The idea behind the festival is simple:  bring together a bunch of local (and distant) playwrights, then pair them with directors (who may or may not have ever met the playwright they’re assigned to). Last year’s festival included a wide array of theatrical styles, from cow puppets to a talking balloon to an entire life cycle. “The ten minute play festival is an opportunity to involve a large section of the community in an accessible theatrical event, while also showcasing work of some of the best theatre artists in Baltimore,” says producer/co-creator Lola Pierson.

Here’s what you need to know:  the festival consists of Night A and Night B, each with a different set of performances. Night A happens this Thursday (August 11) and Saturday (August 13); Night B is on Friday (August 12) and Sunday (August 14). Buy tickets online here.