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Anne Arundel County students and families should make this school year’s spring break count. In order to comply with Gov. Larry Hogan’s order that schools start after Labor Day and end before June 15, Anne Arundel County is making some controversial schedule cuts for 2017-18.

Students in the county will be disappointed to hear that Spring Break 2018 has been cut from more than a full week to what’s essentially an extended weekend. The shortened vacation is the Anne Arundel County School Board’s way of preserving instructional time for students while also following the executive order.

While a normal Spring Break would close school from March 24-April 2, 2018. However, the new schedule has students in school on March 26 and 27, giving them just three actual school days off. April 2 is Easter Monday, which they would have off anyway per state law.

Furthermore, the county school board said in a release that if they have more than three inclement weather closings that year, they will ask the state to let them open school on Easter Monday, further shortening Spring Break if a bad winter hits next year.

According to FOX45, Gov. Hogan’s office isn’t too thrilled with the county’s cuts to follow the order.

“While we are pleased that Anne Arundel County is complying with the governor’s executive order, it is disappointing – and misleading – that the school board is opting to reduce spring break when the proposed calendar includes a dozen full or partial union service days,” wrote Hogan’s press secretary, Hannah Marr, to the station. “This is yet another example of out-of-touch bureaucrats choosing to please teacher’s union operatives instead of putting students and parents first.”

At least they’re following the rules ordered by Hogan about when to start and finish.

Hogan’s new rule has irked many around the state, even causing the state education board’s vice president to resign in protest. Still, Hogan has stood by his requirement, noting many other states have the same rule in place for the school year calendar.

Here’s the approved schedule for Anne Arundel County schools for 2017-18.

*A previous version of this article said schools would be open on Easter, which is on a Sunday.

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  1. Something isn’t right in this article. Easter is on a Sunday. Always. Schools would never be open on Sunday.

  2. Shame on AACo and shame on the teacher’s union. To shorten spring break (or obliterate Easter Monday) is vindictive. Kids and parents are the victims here. Get over yourselves. I am a parent and I can clearly see how many days off of school are due to teacher “in-service/professional” days. Even if every one of those teacher days is absolutely critical and can not be changed, then consider extending the school year into June by a couple of days. oh- and just a thought – hold teachers accountable for poor performance.

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