Aberdeen Proving Ground to Commence Blowing Stuff Up Today

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You feel that? No? Good. That probably means the detonations set to start today at Aberdeen Proving Ground aren’t rattling houses across multiple counties, like they did in 1995. Still, according to the installation command, some “sound and/or vibration” from these “large detonations” may venture beyond the test site.

What’s unclear is what is meant by “large detonation.” I mean, it’s all relative, right? Any explosion bigger than a firecracker is plenty large for me. However big the explosions are, they shouldn’t accidentally release any mustard agent — all that stuff was reportedly neutralized, and their chemical disposal facility shut down in 2007.

But just for my own peace of mind, if between now and Friday anyone hears a loud boom and then smells rotten onions, let me know, okay? Thanks. Happy Holidays.

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