ACLU Demands Changes at Baltimore City Jail

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If you ever ask the American Civil Liberties Union what it thinks of the Baltimore City Detention Center, don’t be surprised when their description is less than flattering. In a court motion the group filed Tuesday, the BCDC is described as “a dank and dangerous place, where detainees are confined in dirty cells infested with vermin” and “showers are full of drain flies, black mold and filth.”

According to the New York Times, the ACLU began pushing for improvements to the facility in 1993, kicking off an “endless cycle of new promises followed by failure to honor those promises,” according to the newest motion, which asks that the judge force the jail to make the necessary improvements.

“It must be remembered that the great majority of those confined in B.C.D.C. are awaiting trial,” the motion said, “and so, under our Constitution, may not be punished.” The motion further implied that the even those serving out sentences at BCDC are being subjected “to conditions of confinement that are unreasonably dangerous or inconsistent with human dignity.”

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