Adam Jones with girlfriend, now fiancee, Audie Fugett
Adam Jones with girlfriend, now fiancee, Audie Fugett

Going into last night’s Gold Glove awards announcements, which honor the defensive prowess of major league players by position, the Orioles dominated the American League standings with six finalists. And they came out with three Gold Gloves: Manny Machado at third base (in his first full major league season), Adam Jones at center field, and J.J. Hardy at shortstop.

The team’s strong defensive stats really give credence to the concept of chemistry in baseball, and the Orioles’ lack of it, when accounting for the birds’ disappointing season.

I bet Adam Jones, for one, could hardly care less that he didn’t play any October baseball. Not only has he collected his third career Gold Glove, but he just got engaged to his longtime girlfriend — while on vacation in Paris, no less!

According to Jones’s Twitter account, he “couldn’t be happier right now.” Sounds about right!

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  1. I don’t think chemistry or as you say the lack of it was the problem with the O’s in 2013. More like a #1 pitcher and timely hitting.

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