Add This Taylor Swift Corn Maze to Your Maryland Fall Fun List

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Corn Maze Season is gearing up to be a beauty this fall in Western Maryland. We’ve already seen the early film of the corn maze depicting Maryland governor and his battle with cancer out of Lawyer’s Farm. With a late entry over the last week, Summer’s Farm is clearly seeking world domination — while still being everyone’s BFF — with their Taylor Swift corn maze.

The maze opens Sept. 26, and it’s right next to the pumpkin trains, pig races and apple cannons. Since the 1989 World Tour already came to DC, this is your best chance to explore Tay up close this year. Get lost in her eyes. Run circles through those lips. Belt out her songs while standing inside her mic.

Or just turn up Blank Space, and watch the flyover video:


In case you were wondering: no, Taylor was not too busy winning an Emmy to mention the maze on Instagram last night. And she likes it. That’s not a surprise, considering she’s well-versed in the art of the stalk.


Lawn goals.

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