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Add This Taylor Swift Corn Maze to Your Maryland Fall Fun List



Corn Maze Season is gearing up to be a beauty this fall in Western Maryland. We’ve already seen the early film of the corn maze depicting Maryland governor and his battle with cancer out of Lawyer’s Farm. With a late entry over the last week, Summer’s Farm is clearly seeking world domination — while still being everyone’s BFF — with their Taylor Swift corn maze.

Corn Maze Dedicated to Larry Hogan’s Battle With Cancer

via Lawyer's Farm/Facebook
via Lawyer’s Farm/Facebook

The annual corn maze at Lawyer’s Farm in Thurmont is dedicated to the governor this year.

Rodgers Farms Corn Maze, Pumpkins and More


 Corn Maze

catch of the day fish (2)All corn mazes are pretty cool. That’s true. Even the most astute adult with an excellent sense of direction can find themselves genuinely lost inside of one, wandering for hours, trying to crack the code. But not all corn mazes are created equal. Some are cool, and others are just mind-blowingly amazing. Like, how do they design that? And then, how do they actually make it happen? And then, how can they be sure it will look so great from above? And then who is flying in a helicopter or whatever to take that amazing picture? And then, is that really what I’m wandering around, lost inside of? We don’t have the answers to these questions, but we do know where to find the coolest corn maze around.

Three Ways to Celebrate Fall in Baltimore

Photo via paulkilmon.blogspot.com
Photo via paulkilmon.blogspot.com

Fall is the most beautiful time of year in Baltimore. The air gets crisp, the sunsets are jewel-toned, the brightly-colored leaves seem to demand some peeping. Before you know it, though, those leaves will be gone and we’ll all be huddling in our parkas, dreaming of spring… so make sure to enjoy these gorgeous autumn days while they last. Here are three of my favorite Baltimore-centric ways to do so:

Closest Pumpkin Patch and Corn Maze to Baltimore


Rodgers Farms near Baltimore

Halloween is one of the few holidays that doesn’t have to come with associated stress. There are no presents to buy, no visiting in-laws to accommodate, no giant meals to prepare. It’s pure debauchery, pretending, and general fall revelry. And yet, it is only one day a year, and you want to be ready. You want to make Halloween count. I mean, you could carve a pumpkin and go on a hayride any time, but it’s like Valentine’s Day: sure,  you could give your loved one chocolates, flowers, and a thoughtful card expressing how much they mean to you on any old day of the year, but are you really going to do that? Of course not.

Thus, if you haven’t yet grabbed a pumpkin and a ticket for a hayride, we encourage you to make the time before the month is over. If you’re short on time and gas money, you can hop over to Rodgers Farms (formerly North Run Farm). The farm has a pick-your-own pumpkin patch, a corn maze, hay-rides, a farm animal zoo, and plenty of other kid-friendly activities.  It’s less than fifteen minutes from downtown Baltimore, so there’s really no excuse this year.  Plus, if you’re looking for a good scare, there is one flashlight maze left this month (October 26th). Visiting the farm is of course free. Admission to the maze itself is $8 dollars for adults, $6 dollars for children 12 and under, and is free for children 3 and under.

Rodgers farm is located in the historic Greenspring Valley just outside of Baltimore. For directions and hours, visit www.rodgersfarms.com