Adnan Syed’s Team Adds Legal Clout in ‘Serial’ Case

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Adnan Syed
Adnan Syed

One of OJ Simpson’s former lawyers is joining Adnan Syed’s defense team as the case made famous by Serial appears to be picking up momentum.

According to Syed lawyer Justin Brown, attorneys Barry Scheck and Seth Miller of the Innocence Project will be supporting Syed’s defense team, adding the national Innocence Network to Syed’s corner. Scheck has tried a number of high-profile cases, having been a member of OJ Simpson’s legal team in the 90s, and later defending Duke lacrosse player¬†Reade Seligmann. He joins Syed’s case in his capacity as a founder of the Innocence Project, which specializes in using DNA evidence to seek justice for clients who are thought to have been wrongfully convicted.

Miller is also a member of the Innocence Project, serving as its executive director in Florida.


Serial fans may remember the appearance of Innocence Project lawyer Deirdre Enright in the show’s final episodes. Enright told podcast host Sarah Koenig that University of Virginia students identified a potential second suspect. The podcast also revealed that Syed gave Enright permission to request forensic testing in the case.

Since the podcast ended in late 2014, Syed and his legal team have been in the midst of a fight for a new trial. A state appeals judge recently sent the case back to a Baltimore City court for further evidence gathering, which opens up the possibility that Asia McClain could testify about her alibi that Syed was in a public library on the day that Hae Min Lee was killed.

Stephen Babcock

Stephen Babcock is the editor of Baltimore and an editor-at-large of Baltimore Fishbowl.

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