Hi! I’m Orion and the first thing you need to know about me is that I am deaf. I was brought to BHS from a shelter in New York where they used me a lot in the doggie play group sessions — I was kinda the star of the show. I am a strong and beautiful boy who would benefit from living in a loving and safe forever home that has an enclosed fence around the yard. Of course, because I’m deaf it wouldn’t be safe for me to be off leash. If you have experience with dealing with dogs who have disabilities that would be great, but if not, you can speak with our trainer and she would be able to give you a lot of help and information about adopting me. It would be best if the children in your home were at least 10 years old. Younger ones may startle me playing or coming up from behind. I pretty much love playing with all the dogs I meet, so If you have one already, we can set up a dog intro to see how we get along. I’ve been in a shelter environment for so long that I would LOVE to be in a home. Please let it be yours! Watch Orion in a video: http://www.youtube.com/watch? v=dfxVi2GvzIM&feature=share&list=UUULKyaT6IUVWzIr88pXrPvQ

Hi everyone! My name is Reilly, and I am a shy boy who was brought to BHS because the other cat in my previous home did not like me at all. Their loss, though! Now I have the opportunity to find a true forever home with some great people who understand that I’d love a quiet home where we can sit on the sofa and watch TV together. I liked using scratching posts in my previous home, and enjoy playing with toys that have catnip. Think you could be that special someone to share a life with me? Please stop by to meet me ASAP!