After ‘Inspirational’ Visit, Larry Hogan Re-Enters Chemotherapy

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photo: Maryland Governor's office.
photo: Maryland Governor’s office.

Larry Hogan said he is 95 percent cancer-free after his last cancer treatment. Starting this weekend, doctors will go to work on the last 5 percent.

The Maryland governor returned to Baltimore Friday for a fourth round of chemotherapy treatment for non-Hodgkins lymphoma. It’s the beginning of the second half of Hogan’s treatment.

“While I’ll be in the hospital over the next few days and still have a few more rounds of chemo left to make sure all the cancer cells are completely dead, I am feeling strong and I know with all this amazing support I will beat this!” Hogan wrote in a Facebook post.

Before starting the treatment, Hogan said he visited children in the pediatric oncology section of the University of Maryland Children’s Hospital. He called the children “some of the most inspirational people I have ever met.”

“These kids and their families are the epitome of strength and perserverance in the face of such difficult challenges. I loved meeting them and am so inspired by their positivity and faith!” Hogan wrote.

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