Al Jazeera Documentary Explores Baltimore Crime, Poverty and Urban Decay

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Al Jazeera aired this week “Baltimore: Anatomy of An American City,” a 24-minute documentary that looks at the intractable urban problems of Baltimore.

“When you walk through neighborhoods like this,” Al Jazeera correspondent Sebastian Walker says, “it’s hard not to feel that the legacy of the war these communities have been living through is so bad that rhetoric or anything short of radical change simply won’t solve the problem.”

Mayor Stephanie Rawlings Blake and Ed Burns, creator of The Wire, are interviewed in the documentary.

Baltimore Sun television critic David Zurawik calls the documentary, “thought-provoking,”  and reports that the producers came here last February for two weeks to film.

“Baltimore’s a place where we’ve actually filmed quite a lot,” Walker told Zurawik. “I’ve been based in D.C. since 2008, and I was there in Baltimore when the Russians were taking over the steelwork plant [Sparrows Point] back in 2009. It’s a city that we like because it’s close to D.C. and it’s a great place to go and get a sense of what’s really going on in the country. It’s one of the places where the economic crisis has been keenly felt.”

Read Zurawik’s story, What Al Jazeera Thinks of Baltimore at the Baltimore Sun.


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