Altercation Follows Complaint of Slow Service at Baltimore Restaurant

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Ever worked in a restaurant kitchen and had to listen to a patron complain and complain until you wanted to put him in a headlock? Or, ever get such slow service at a restaurant that you wanted to put the chef in a headlock? Well, one or other transpired at Liv2Eat in South Baltimore on Friday night. But the parties involved disagree completely about who attacked whom.

The conflicting accounts agree on a few points. As the Baltimore Sun puts it, “They both acknowledge that the Doyle family wasn’t having a good time at Liv2Eat on Friday night.” Eventually the chef, Kevin Perry, shouted something nasty at the exiting Doyle family. Then either Perry attacked Wesley Doyle and put him in a headlock, or Doyle attacked Perry and put him in a headlock.

Now, they’re each facing assault charges from the other.

For a full account, read the article in the Sun.

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