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Four Baltimore teens arrested in violent carjacking ring in city, county

Maryland Attorney General Brian Frosh and others gather to announce the indictments of four teens in a carjacking ring. Photo via T.J. Smith/Twitter.

A quartet of Baltimore teens faces decades of prison for a string of 26 alleged carjackings and attacks on drivers from last fall, including more than a dozen carried out with firearms and several that left victims with broken bones and other injuries.

Twitter is roasting the city over a story touting expanded services because, well, government should already be offering them

Image via Twitter

Per The Sun, there’s a new “experiment” afoot in parts of the city that have for years experienced violence.

“The idea is simple: flood them with services,” the paper of record said on Twitter.

This would seemingly be good news in a city where the mayor is focused on changing the narrative–here are communities in need getting help. But many on social media saw it as something else: A municipal government patting itself on the back for jumping over the very low bar of using tax dollars to provide things that citizens need and want.

Pugh Touts Downward-Trending Crime in First 6 Weeks of 2018

Data showing reductions in violent and property crime from Jan. 1-Feb.10. Table via Baltimore Police Department/Mayor’s Office

Mayor Catherine Pugh said the recent spell of zero homicides for 12 days—broken on Tuesday by two murders in Northeast Baltimore—can be attributed to the efforts of the Baltimore Ceasefire campaign and crime-fighting initiatives from Police Commissioner-Designate Darryl De Sousa.

Mayor Fires Police Commissioner Kevin Davis: ‘I’m Impatient. We Need Violence Reduction.’

Newly appointed Police Commissioner Darryl DeSousa (left) and former Police Commissioner Kevin Davis. Photos via Baltimore Police Department.

After roughly two and a half years at the helm of the Baltimore Police Department, Police Commissioner Kevin Davis has been let go.

Passenger-Side Doors Stolen from Patterson Park Couple’s Camry Overnight

Photo via Jon Fisher/GoFundMe

Two longtime Patterson Park dwellers still have their wheels, but they’re missing some doors.

Baltimore Woman Accused of Stealing from Local Business to Stock Her Own

Image via Shopbrightside.com.

Baltimore police say a local woman used one weird trick to stock her online store for free.

Hogan’s Baltimore Crime Plan: Bring in U.S. Marshals and State Police, Demolish More Vacants

Still via Gov. Larry Hogan/Facebook

With no signs of violence slowing in Baltimore at the end of 2017, Maryland’s governor plans to send in U.S. Marshals, state troopers and probation and parole officers to assist city law enforcement, and to ramp up demolition of vacant properties in crime-riddled areas, among other strategies.

Citing ‘Escalating Violence,’ Carroll Co. School System Suspends Field Trips to Baltimore

Photo via Wikimedia Commons

Carroll County Public Schools has suspended all student field trips to the city due to concerns about crime.

Three Stolen Cars Bound for Africa Recovered at Port of Baltimore

A stolen 2017 Infiniti QX80 recovered at the Port of Baltimore. Photo via U.S. Customs and Border Patrol.

Several stolen autos, including two nearly brand new ones, almost made their way to the Ivory Coast and Nigeria this month by way of Baltimore.

Police Padlock a Mini-Mart in Barclay, Citing Alleged Drug Dealing and Violence

Photo via Baltimore Police Department

For the second time in two years, the Baltimore Police Department has forcibly shut down a convenience store due to concerns about crime.



This was going to be a column about my new kitchen counters, and about how you shouldn’t live with things you hate, and then we heard the news from Las Vegas. We were coming home from a college tour in upstate New York, from eating delicious Italian food in Syracuse, from spending time with our dear friend who teaches up there. We were sleepy, sated, a little stressed out about this and that. An ordinary Monday, awash in blessings.

Hopkins Sees Bumps in Reported Sex Assaults, Burglaries, Dating Violence


Johns Hopkins University

New figures from Johns Hopkins University reveal upticks in sexual assault reports and certain types of violent crime in and around the Homewood campus in 2016.

State Lawmakers Hold Hearing to Address Baltimore’s Surge in Violence


The Maryland Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee convened yesterday to listen to testimony from city officials, community leaders, and experts from Johns Hopkins, among others, to address Baltimore’s spike in violence.

Councilman Scott, Sen. Ferguson Blocked from Hogan’s Meeting on Baltimore Crime

Councilman Brandon Scott left) and Sen. Bill Ferguson wait outside in the rain. Photo via Sen. Bill Ferguson/Twitter.

Gov. Larry Hogan called a meeting in the city today about what can be done to address Baltimore’s ballooning violent crime problem. Unfortunately, he appears to have excluded two prominent local elected officials, both of whom have major stakes in addressing the issue.

Ivan Bates, Local Defense Attorney, Expected to Announce Run for State’s Attorney

Still via WBAL-TV/YouTube

Ivan Bates is expected to announce tomorrow morning that he’ll be challenging incumbent Baltimore City State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby for her seat as the city’s top prosecutor in 2018.