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Per The Sun, there’s a new “experiment” afoot in parts of the city that have for years experienced violence.

“The idea is simple: flood them with services,” the paper of record said on Twitter.

This would seemingly be good news in a city where the mayor is focused on changing the narrative–here are communities in need getting help. But many on social media saw it as something else: A municipal government patting itself on the back for jumping over the very low bar of using tax dollars to provide things that citizens need and want.

A lot of the comments go something like this:

I know. “Treat them with common decency” seems like it shouldn’t be a NEW plan.

— Kimberly Hudson (@kimberlylhudson) April 13, 2018

This experiment, otherwise known as “a basic standard of living.”

— VƎX (@vexwerewolf) April 13, 2018

Oh. Civilization. Novel idea.

— Jay Frosting ? (@JayFrosting) April 13, 2018

As with so many things on social media, the nuance of Luke Broadwater’s well-researched deep dive into the program got lost as more and more people decided to pile on. At the same time, these online critics aren’t wrong, either.

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