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Twitter is roasting the city over a story touting expanded services because, well, government should already be offering them

Image via Twitter

Per The Sun, there’s a new “experiment” afoot in parts of the city that have for years experienced violence.

“The idea is simple: flood them with services,” the paper of record said on Twitter.

This would seemingly be good news in a city where the mayor is focused on changing the narrative–here are communities in need getting help. But many on social media saw it as something else: A municipal government patting itself on the back for jumping over the very low bar of using tax dollars to provide things that citizens need and want.

Why the Queen Could Still Back the Ravens on Sunday, Despite Their Creepy Tweet

A screenshot of the infamous tweet, via @Ravens/Twitter

In the lead-up to the Ravens’ Sunday morning matchup against the Jacksonville Jaguars in London, the franchise stumbled hilariously online, tweeting out an image of Queen Elizabeth II with the Ravens logo painted over her face.

Police Arrested Freddie Gray Protesters Last Year by Surveilling Social Media

Veggies/CC By SA 3.0
Veggies/CC By SA 3.0

Officers were able to single out and arrest protesters with outstanding warrants during the Freddie Gray riots with help from a social media monitoring tool, the ACLU has found.

The Baltimore Police Union Probably Regrets Those Really Stupid Tweets



Twitter is a great place to say stupid things.

SRB Named Mayoral Master of Twitter

Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, video still via nextcity.org

Stephanie Rawlings-Blake tops the rest of the big city leaders in the country in 140 characters.

Wait, Nevermind, Baltimore Is Actually Plenty Sexist (and Racist)



Yesterday, we reported on a ranking that listed Maryland as the state with the highest level of workplace gender equality. But just as we were starting to feel proud of ourselves, another ranking reminded us of just how far we still have to go.

It Looks Like David Simon Came Around and Joined Twitter


David SimonDavid Simon’s position on Twitter has apparently evolved. The Wire creator and former Baltimore reporter once wrote that it was a medium where one can “simplify anything to the point of stupidity.” Last week, however, Simon started Tweeting.

Pop Culture Tweets About Baltimore Were Good, Bad, and Ugly



Thank god for Twitter. In times of trouble, we can now have access to the fleeting thoughts of famous actors, sports stars, reality TV divas, and other assorted celebrities. How else would we be able to know what to think about complex, multi-factored events?

Maryland Students Use Twitter to Cheat on State Tests



As long as teachers have been giving tests, students have been cheating. And as technology evolves, so do the cheaters’ methods.

What Twitter Can Tell Us About Mental Illness


Public health experts have turned to social media to get a sense of how the flu is spreading. But what can Twitter tell us about mental illnesses like PTSD, depression, and bipolar? Some Johns Hopkins scientists set out to find out.