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Baltimore Astronaut Comes Back to Earth, Tweets Re-Entry

Reid Weisman is all smiles on solid ground (via NASA)
Reid Wiseman is all smiles on solid ground (via NASA)

Reid Wiseman’s Twitter account continues to transport us, but the man himself is back on solid ground after completing his mission at the International Space Station.

Interactive Map Sizes Up Ravens Nation


Screen Shot 2014-10-23 at 5.25.00 PMA new map from Twitter’s data crunchers shows the size of Ravens Nation. That’s right Baltimore. On Sundays, the Aleutian Islands are with you. 

Ravens Player Gets So Good at Twitter That He Quits It


As any internet addict out there could tell you, it’s easy to get compulsive about your social media consumption. Those endlessly scrolling feeds, those little blasts of inane information… it’s soothing and pleasurable all at the same time. So I can relate to Ravens receiver Steve Smith, who announced this week that he was quitting his very popular Twitter feed.

Baltimore Police Dept. Tweets Gun Grab

A rifle seized by the Baltimore Police Dept. in July (via BPD Twitter account).
A rifle seized by the Baltimore Police Dept. in July (via BPD Twitter account).

Like many Marylanders, the Baltimore Police Department made sure they found some time to show off their guns this summer.

Over the last few months, BPD units seized numerous illegal guns from the streets. One of them was pink. Sometimes, drugs and money were also involved. To give the public a better idea of what they’re collecting, BPD posts pictures of these guns to the department’s Twitter account with the hashtags #ASaferBaltimore and #NoMoreViolence. The posts go up year-round, but we’ve particularly been admiring the summer collection. Here’s a few highlights :

Baltimore’s Police Commissioner Hasn’t Watched The Wire



Baltimore’s police commissioner, Anthony Batts, took to Twitter yesterday afternoon to do a virtual meet-and-greet with his constituents. A number of interesting things happened, including one that captured the attention of media-watchers nationwide.

What Is It Like to Be Black at Johns Hopkins?

Photo by Will Kirk, homewoodphoto.jhu.edu
Photo by Will Kirk, homewoodphoto.jhu.edu

Baltimore is a majority-black city, but African-Americans are a minority on the campus of the city’s dominant educational institution, making up a mere 5.45 percent of Johns Hopkins students. And despite the school’s efforts to honor and support minorities on campus, it’s apparently still not the most welcoming place for students of color.

The school’s Black Student Union recently started using the Twitter hashtag #BBJHU to give bite-size examples of instances of rudeness, ignorance, offensiveness and/or general annoyingness that have taken place on campus. Here are a few of the most striking/absurd/frustrating/humorous:


Baltimore Police Can’t Decide If Twitter Is a Good Idea or Not


Screen shot 2013-10-07 at 8.38.13 PM

Yesterday, the Baltimore Police Department announced a new policy: it would  dial down its use of social media, no longer using Twitter to inform the public of “criminal-on-criminal” violence. Which, okay, fine: tweeting about shootings to BPD’s 40,000 followers doesn’t particularly help the city’s image problem. But there was just one big problem with this plan…

“Bizarro SRB” Is the Mayor We Wish We Had


Have you checked out Bizarro SRB on Twitter? She’s so great! She’s using the $107 million TIF subsidy to rehab vacant properties instead of giving it to Inner Harbor developers, she’s opening meetings to the public because she believes in transparency, and she’s organizing a city-wide composting initiative. She listens to citizens, not rich developers. Oh yeah, and she’s totally fake. (What was your first clue?) I’m not sure who runs the account, but whoever s/he is, s/he is doing a great job of satirizing the current state of city affairs in only 140 characters. Some of the highlights below: 

Social Media Wins at Baltimore Train Derailment & Explosion Coverage



By now, you’ve presumably heard — yesterday afternoon, a garbage truck collided with a cargo train near White Marsh yesterday afternoon, causing a dramatic derailment, sending a giant plume of smoke into the air, and requiring the efforts of “more than 60 pieces of fire apparatus,” according to the Baltimore Police Department. Thankfully, no one was killed (though the truck driver is in serious condition at Maryland Shock Trauma). What struck me about this particular accident, though, was how much social media has changed our relationship with breaking news.

Is Modern Life Killing Courtship?



Our dating expert Sara Lynn Michener shows us the up side of dating in the Digital Age.

It’s not what form of media you use, it’s how you use it.

I’m really profoundly tired of all the trend pieces that have been coming out proclaiming that Twitter, Facebook, texting, and otherwise “modern life” is destroying romance. Clearly, they are written by and about people who aren’t enjoying what dating is today instead of those who are. Writers are interviewing people who are trapped in a state of perpetual confusion; navigating these digital love waters in paper ships, and then forming sweeping conclusions about those waters instead of the seaworthiness of its vessels. Arguably, any other new strain of culture would be documented from the perspective of those who are successfully shaping its future. This other approach is like telling the story of a new social media application solely from the perspective of its least savvy users.