These Hilarious Twitter Feeds Exploit The Strangeness of Web 2.0 — But in a Good Way

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Even more so than Facebook, Twitter can feel like the Web 2.0 version of a police scanner — not so much a conversion as a blitz of brief, unrelated broadcasts. And often it seems there’s more noise than signal. But there are some, like the person who collected every racist Hunger Games tweet in a blog, who have found ways to exploit the Twitter’s eminent indexability to create funny conceptual projects.

Here are three worth checking out, via the Washington Post:

@CapsCop detects tweets written in all caps and automatically tweets back at user a request to stop shouting. It’s mostly worth it for the range of possible reactions from the users who found themselves CapsCopped, which range from amused to indignant to bewildered.

@YourInAmerica finds tweets admonishing immigrants to learn English that include the erroneous phrase “your in America” and tweets a quippy response at them that usually plays off their particular xenophobic ultimatum.

@StealthMountain describes its mission on its profile page: “I alert twitter users that they typed sneak peak when they meant sneak peek.” And that’s all it does. And it’s got over 21,000 followers. Go figure.

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