Baltimore Police Dept. Tweets Gun Grab

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A rifle seized by the Baltimore Police Dept. in July (via BPD Twitter account).
A rifle seized by the Baltimore Police Dept. in July (via BPD Twitter account).

Like many Marylanders, the Baltimore Police Department made sure they found some time to show off their guns this summer.

Over the last few months, BPD units seized numerous illegal guns from the streets. One of them was pink. Sometimes, drugs and money were also involved. To give the public a better idea of what they’re collecting, BPD posts pictures of these guns to the department’s Twitter account with the hashtags #ASaferBaltimore and #NoMoreViolence. The posts go up year-round, but we’ve particularly been admiring the summer collection. Here’s a few highlights :


BPD posts plenty of seized handguns on the Twitter feed. But some, like the one posted below from Sept. 2, go a little further in reinforcing the “war on the streets” message. Some Twitter commenters claimed the gun was legal to possess, but BPD responded that it was seized during a “narcotics investigation.”


The guns come in a variety of packages. This seizure, from July 11, appears to have been hidden in a garbage bag:


Illegal guns aren’t averse to style. On August 17, officers seized a pink piece.


Gun seizures don’t only come one at a time. On July 31, the department seized a cache that looks like it’s from the old west, complete with rifles and a revolver. Is that a holster in the bottom-left corner?


As that constant whirring in the skies over the city suggests, seizing illegal guns isn’t merely a ground operation. This July 14 stash of the trifecta of drugs, guns and money was made possible in part by the BPD police helicopter, Foxtrot.


And then there’s the wood-and-duct tape model, a centerpiece of any fine collection. Maryland muskrats will undoubtedly breathe easier knowing this piece is off the streets.

Check out more confiscated guns, arrests and other police happenings at the Baltimore Police Department’s Twitter feed. To report illegal guns, call 1-866-7LOCKUP.

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