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In Congress, only one Maryland lawmaker gets NRA money

Andy Harris. Image via Facebook.

By Jarod Golub and Julia Karron

WASHINGTON — As congressional gun talks ramp up, advocates for stronger safety laws have called for their representatives to stop accepting campaign finance donations from the National Rifle Association.

Hopkins researchers find most gun owners aren’t safely storing their firearms

An empty gun safe. Photo via Wikimedia Commons.

A team of researchers from the Johns Hopkins University’s Bloomberg School of Public Health found in a new survey that more than half of America’s gun owners aren’t locking their weapons away when not using them.

Guns in Maryland’s Churches? A Proposal from Two Harford County Lawmakers

Photo via Wikimedia Commons

Two state legislators in Harford County are proposing a statewide gun policy change that would allow pastors to let parishioners bring concealed handguns to church.

62-Year-Old Man Arrested in Reservoir Hill with Spray Bottles of Fentanyl ‘in Plain View’

Guns seized by police in Reservoir Hill. Photo via Baltimore Police Department.

Acting on an anonymous tip yesterday afternoon, city police arrested a 62-year-old local who they say was equipped with numerous guns, knives, handcuffs and a half-dozen bottles of hospital-grade fentanyl.

Jack Young Goes to Capitol Hill to Politic on Gun Control

Council President Bernard “Jack” Young signs in at Sen. Ben Cardin’s office. Photo via Jack Young/Twitter.

Baltimore’s city council president went south to D.C. today to lobby for stricter gun control measures, citing his own jurisdiction’s issues with the stemming gun violence.

Man Pleads Guilty to Helping City Cop Rob Brooklyn Couple at Gunpoint

Photo via Wikimedia Commons

The fallout from the Gun Trace Task Force’s now-infamous run continued today with the guilty plea of a man who helped a city cop, his cousin, rob a Brooklyn couple three years ago.



This was going to be a column about my new kitchen counters, and about how you shouldn’t live with things you hate, and then we heard the news from Las Vegas. We were coming home from a college tour in upstate New York, from eating delicious Italian food in Syracuse, from spending time with our dear friend who teaches up there. We were sleepy, sated, a little stressed out about this and that. An ordinary Monday, awash in blessings.

Police: Suspect Charged with Gun Violations Tried to Trick Officers with Wig, Dress

A MAC 11 and a .22 rifle with drum. Photo via Baltimore Police.

An 18-year-old man allegedly found with two guns yesterday tried to dupe city police officers by donning a disguise after a five-mile chase through the city. It didn’t work.

KKK Imperial Wizard from Baltimore Charged with Firing Gun at Violent Charlottesville Rally

Still via ACLU of Virginia/Twitter

A Baltimore resident who leads Rosedale’s Ku Klux Klan chapter was arrested Saturday after the release of a video that appears to show him shooting at a black counter-protester at a white nationalist rally in Charlottesville, Va.